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Cot-Tek Xtend Plan

I'm proud to introduce the new Cot-Tek Xtend program for your Stryker Power Cots. If you have an older power cot that needs a good overhaul this program is for you. We will Xtend the life of your cot by taking your cot apart and completely rebuilding your hydraulic pump assembly installing all new o-rings, hoses, fluid, replacing valves not up to spec, and installing a new 24 volt motor. The major killer to hydraulic pumps is the rear seal. If this seal blows and is not caught right away, it can cost you up to $8000 in electronic components because it will pump the hydraulic fluid throughout the motor and harness all the way to the motherboard!!!! We replace this seal as well. The cot then gets all new leg bearings, leg bushings, X frame bushings, Cross tube bushings, 4 new wheels, backrest gas spring, sliders, slide housings, and 2 new control switches. The rest of the stretcher is inspected for any other issues.

What makes our refurb program special?? We not only do all that but we also replace the weakest link on a power cot frame (a $800 part) with each and every Xtend order.

Now you may ask this sounds great but how much does all this cost?? We are offering our New Cot-Tek Xtend Program for $4195!!! So for 1/4 the cost of a new cot you can get a structurally and mechanically brand new stretcher with a 2 YEAR Xtend WARRANTY just the same as buying a brand new cot!!!

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